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LLM Inference

A Fast Chat LLM Inference Module for Lilypad


This LLM Inference Module is a community-contributed module developed at The repo for this module can be found here.
See the original AugmentHack entry below:

[CLI] Usage

lilypad run fastchat:v0.0.1 "paramsStr"
Where "paramsStr" is a question in CID form for the LLM. For example is a bare file CID which contains
"template": "You are a friendly chatbot assistant that responds conversationally to users' questions. \n Keep the answers short, unless specifically asked by the user to elaborate on something. \n \n Question: {question} \n \n Answer:",
"parameters": {"question": "What is a chatbot?"}
To use it you would run:
lilypad run fastchat:v0.0.1 QmcPjQwVcJiFge3yNjVL2NoZsTQ3GBpXAZe21S2Ncg16Gt
The output will be an IPFS CID, for example running the above input would result in the following link:
Under link/output/result.json you will see
{"question": "What is a chatbot?", "text": "<pad> A chatbot is a computer program that can interact with users in a conversational manner. It is designed to answer questions and provide information in a way that is natural and conversational.\n"}
Pssst... here's a question on Claude Monet you could try too ;) bafybeihu62yl76fcypidaiz35gq3yjguxawy5zzwadzvlcgpnfkuy2do3i

LLM Module Code