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Stable Diffusion (SDXL0.9)

Run a Stable Diffusion Text to Image Job
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Generically, stable diffusion is what happens when you put a couple of drops of dye into a bucket of water. Given time, the dye randomly disperses and eventually settles into a uniform distribution which colours all the water evenly
In computer science, you define rules for your (dye) particles to follow and the medium this takes place in.
Stable Diffusion is a machine learning model used for text-to-image processing (like Dall-E) and based on a diffusion probabilistic model that uses a transformer to generate images from text. There are several open-source stable diffusion models out there (made famous by and they continue to improve and become even more fully featured - SDXL0.9 is one of the more recently open-sourced models.

[CLI] Running Stable Diffusion SDXL 0.9

Ensure you have installed all requirements Install requirements
To run stable diffusion use the sdxl module like so:
lilypad run sdxl:v0.9-lilypad1 -i PromptEnv="PROMPT=beautiful view of iceland with a record player"
The output will look like this:
SDXL Output
Take the ipfs link given in the results and paste it into your browser:
Please be patient! IPFS can take some time to propagate and doesn't always work immediately.
You could also check the output folder that would have been downloaded at the end of running the job
open /tmp/lilypad/data/downloaded-files/QmZuE29GJVmenRUh72FQDgkMUT1Zdp967oEJvzjaDwGGVo
Results of SDXL job on Output Directory
In the /outputs folder, you'll find the image:
The Image in the outputs folder
Since modules are deterministic, running this command with the same text prompt will produce the same image, since the same seed is also used (the default seed is 0).
See this beginner-friendly article on how seed's work for more info on this
To change the image, you can pass in a different seed number:
lilypad run sdxl:v0.9-lilypad1 -i PromptEnv="PROMPT=beautiful view of iceland with a record player" -i SeedEnv="RANDOM_SEED=24"
Output using different seed.

CLI Video

In this video, Sam demos the use of SDXL in the Lilypad network.
Lilypad [CLI] Stable Diffusion with SDLX 0.9 Demo

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