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Lilypad is building the infrastructure for internet-scale trustless distributed compute networks for #web3 underpinned by the Bacalhau Project.
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Lilypad Docs under construction! We're currently updating our docs for Lilypad v2 -> Aurora Testnet See for developer info while we do!


Lilypad is aiming to build an internet-scale trustless distributed compute network for web3. Creating the infrastructure for use cases like AI inference, ML training, DeSci and more. Distributed computing will unlock the next generation of truly internet-scale models and applications in web3 and offer the tools for a true paradigm shift to an open and trustless internet.


Lilypad is now at v2: Aurora Testnet!
Try it out - we dare you
Lilypad creates a decentralised marketplace for compute jobs

Lilypad Aurora

Lilypad Aurora is Lilypad's v2 Test Network.

Lilypad v1

Lilypad v1 is deprecated
Lilypad v1 is a trustless distributed compute network which leverages Bacalhau and key features of blockchain to enable developers to call arbitrary verifiable compute jobs directly from their smart contracts (or a CLI). Running a node on the network to accept compute jobs is now also possible. Lilypad v1 is currently in early testnet phase and is a custom implementation of Modicum outlined in the paper: "Mechanisms for Outsourcing Computation via a Decentralized Market".
The Lilypad v1 testnet currently runs on an ETH localhost which is name Lalechuza. In future, Lilypad v1 will also run on other chains with the first target being IPC (an advanced scaling solution for blockchain that implements a subnet pattern).
Filecoin Unleashed [July '23] - Lilypad v1 Unlocks internet-scale web3 applications

Lilypad v0

Lilypad v0 is not actively maintained or supported
Lilypad (v0) currently enables users to access verifiable, distributed off-chain compute directly from smart contracts. Lilypad v0 is a Proof of Concept project operating as an integration layer between Bacalhau compute jobs and solidity smart contracts. This integration enables users to access verifiable off-chain decentralised compute from DApps and smart contract projects, enabling interactions and innovations between on-chain and off-chain compute. Lilypad v0 does not charge for compute jobs, outside of network running fees (ie. the cost of transactions on the blockchain network it is deployed to). It operates on the Bacalhau public compute network (which is free to use), though it is worth noting that there are no reliability guarantees given for this network (which is something future versions of this protocol will be working to improve\

What is Bacalhau?

Bacalhau is a peer to peer computation network enabling compute over data jobs like GPU-enabled AI, ML, analytics, data engineering, data science, de-sci and more.
Bacalhau aims to transform data processing & improve cost, efficiency & security by running jobs where the data is generated and stored. With Bacalhau, you can streamline your existing workflows without the need of extensive rewriting by running arbitrary Docker containers and WebAssembly (wasm) images as tasks.
To find out more about it, see the Bacalhau Docs!

Lilypad Roadmap

  • v0: September 2022 - Lilypad Bridge POC for triggering and returning Bacalhau compute jobs from a smart contract
  • v1: July 2023 - A modicum-based minimal testnet (EVM-based). See github
  • v2: September 2023 - A more robust trustless distributed testnet
  • v3 November 2023 - Lilypad AI Studio, Calibration Net for compute providers
  • v4: Q1 2024 - Lilypad Incentivized Testnet deployment
  • v5: tbd - Lilypad Mainnet

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