Waterlily.ai - An Ethical Generative AI-Art DApp

Waterlily.ai is a proof-of-concept application aiming to provide an alternative ethical solution to AI-Art generation by creating a new paradigm for AI image generation that pays royalties to the original creator and offers a new revenue stream for artists to explore.

To achieve this, Waterlily leverages the transparency & trustlessness of blockchain, with FVM smart contracts, combined with a decentralised edge compute platform in Bacalhau to deliver an intuitive user experience for generative AI-Art while compensating creators for their original work with every image generation call.

Each stable diffusion model on Waterlily is trained & finetuned to a selection of artist work that has been uploaded by the artist themselves or is available in the public domain. When a user navigates to the Waterlily.ai platform, they simply enter a text prompt for the images they want to create and choose an artist style that appeals to them. The small fee paid by the user is then distributed to the artist's wallet (except the fees required by the network to run the contract calls & return the generated images) - or to a vetted creator foundation in the case of public images.

A user can then opt to download these generated images or mint them as NFTs.


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