Javascript CLI Wrapper

Javascript / Nodejs CLI Wrapper API


This API allows you to run AI/ML inference on the Lilypad Network with a POST request.



To initiate an inference task, send a POST request to the following endpoint:


Request Headers

Include the following headers in your request:

  • Content-Type: "application/json"

  • Accept: "application/json"

Request Body Parameters

The request body should be a JSON object containing the following parameters:

  • pk: Your Web3 private key. This key is used to authenticate your request and should be kept secure.

  • module: The specific Lilypad module you want to run. Modules are pre-configured AI/ML models available on the Lilypad Network.

  • inputs: The input parameters for the module in the format key=value. These inputs and tunables will vary depending on the module you choose. Each input should be preceded by the -i flag.

  • opts?: Additional options for customizing the module execution such as:

    • stream: Boolean value to specify if the output should be streamed (true) or not (false).

Example Request Body

Here's an example of what your request body might look like:

    "pk": "<PRIVATE_KEY>",
    "module": "sdxl-pipeline:v0.9-base-lilypad3",
    "inputs": "-i Prompt='an astronaut floating against a white background' -i Steps=50",
    "opts": { "stream": true }

In this example:

  • pk is your unique Web3 private key.

  • module specifies the module to run, in this case, the "cowsay" module version 0.0.3.

  • inputs includes the input parameters for the module. -i represents a new input/tunable. Here, it sends a prompt to an SDXL job and specifies the tunables (in this case, Steps).

  • opts includes the "stream" parameter


Check out Running Lilypad in a Front End for examples running Lilypad locally!

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