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Hello, (cow) World! on Sepolia

A cowsay job on Sepolia

Getting LilyPad Tokens

To acquire LilyPad tokens, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Visit the Lilypad Faucet at here
  2. 2.
    Enter your wallet address.
  3. 3.
    Receive some LP tokens.

Setting up Environment Variables

Set the environment variables as shown below:
export WEB3_CHAIN_ID=11155111
export WEB3_CONTROLLER_ADDRESS=0x433C91FA54b9c11550b07672E1FA2b06860e5b05
export WEB3_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0x90bC5e91B2bC6BBa240001B169fd73DeA75E072A
export WEB3_MEDIATION_ADDRESS=0xe294485d0C03adCe1BE2c2791522A6c0585A4f7B
export WEB3_JOBCREATOR_ADDRESS=0x4aC3C9F7e431dce628440b5037d23890c28E5C3F
export WEB3_PAYMENTS_ADDRESS=0xC5b1737A2282E6283c54f67bC401426058BC170F
export WEB3_STORAGE_ADDRESS=0x79Ee2d28eDDd9Ee0b68613b29Dab474623F8D1c6
export WEB3_USERS_ADDRESS=0x70eC3b0aFA059174dD54d7702624f1Dd402b706b
export SERVICE_SOLVER="0x08D118d3300c82CD94a4080805426AB025fe9852"
export SERVICE_MEDIATORS="0xd6244f8c08d4b7bb7ccbd72e585b19ee68a8d1eb"
Note: You will need to set up your own Infura account and get your infura Api Key. You can follow the instructions here

Running cowsay

Note: Ensure that you have Lilypad installed before proceeding.
To execute cowsay, use the following command:
lilypad run cowsay:v0.0.1 -i Message="<hello lilypad>"
Probably nothing...

See the Results

  1. 1.
    see the results by navigating to the IPFS CID Navigate to the IPFS CID result output in the Results ->
This could take up to a minute to propagate through the IPFS network. Please be patient
  1. 2.
    by navigting to the local folder
open /tmp/lilypad/data/downloaded-files/Qmay5vZ7u5jvn2VkAGMLkkYXGQQd5GFZFuHkbDEFYb5VeF
Here, you can view the stdout and stderr as well as the outputs folder for the run
The Results....