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Voice Sample & Text to Voice [Dub3]

This module is contributed by Fabri from Dub3


This module takes a voice sample as an input and can then output another voice sample for a given text prompt - in multiple languages.

OSS Model

The OSS Model is based on this model:

Lilypad Module

Run in CLI

First upload a voice .wav file to IPFS
Use is an easy way to upload files to IPFS. Use to convert recordings to .wav files
Here's are two voice recording examples:
Then use the command below to run the module. Note the parameters for changing the language and adding a prompt.
lilypad run -i URL= -i SENTENCE='Hello! Youre listening to voice translation on Lilypad with dub3!' -i LANGUAGE=en -i INPUT_FOLDER=/inputs -i OUTPUT_FOLDER=/outputs
You should see Lilypad run something like this:
Lilypad running in the CLI
You'll find your results under the output folder: